[Mne_analysis] apply baseline with variable interval over trials

Sophie Herbst ksherbst at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 28 04:04:34 EDT 2018
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Dear list,
I have a problem resulting from varying trial durations.
I would like to baseline correct my epochs with an event that is different
from the one I used for time-locking the epochs. The epochs are time-locked
to a target event which is preceded by a cue event with a variable SOA. The
baseline should be taken from before the cue.

I could think of two ways to do this, but neither of them seemed to work:
a) epoch to cue, apply baseline, re-epoch to target event
 (mne.epoch wants raw data)
b) epoch to target, apply baseline with different interval for each trial
(epochs.apply_baseline takes only two time points)

Do you have any hints on how to achieve this other than subtracting the
mean of the desired baseline-interval by hand? Could the apply_baseline
function be extended to take another event to use for the baseline?

Thank you,
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