[Mne_analysis] Fwd: how can I get the neuroscan(64ch) montage?: for importing EEG rawdata(neuroscan: .cnt format)

박종화 voidsoundist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 03:20:39 EDT 2018
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Hello, thankfully, Sheraz asked me to subscribe to the mailing list at

So I've assigned and then now mail to this email address.
Thank you for your continuous efforts for MNE users.


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From: 박종화 <voidsoundist at gmail.com>
Date: 2018-03-29 2:45 GMT+09:00
Subject: how can I get the neuroscan(64ch) montage?: for importing EEG
rawdata(neuroscan: .cnt format)
To: mailman at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Cc: Yoonseob Lim <yslim at kist.re.kr>

Dear Engineer of MNE,

Hello, I'm Jonghwa, the Korean researcher at Seoul National University.
Previously I have been using Brain Vision's Analyzer software
usually(+EEGLAB sometimes), but I am trying to use MNE which has a high
degree of freedom because my current research aims to create a BCI model.
However, I have a difficulty to import the raw data because there's some
problem *to read the montage*.

So, can I ask you how to find/create the montage appropriate to our *.cnt*
format file(neuroscan 64ch)?

0. here is our infrastructures.
EEG: Neuroscan - SynAmps 2, 64ch, extended 10/20 system.
[montage configuration: https://compumedicsneuroscan.com/scan-
acquire-configuration-files/ ]

data file: we exported to '.cnt' format(with 2 of other same named files)
which is supported from MNE. And I attached an example file set recorded by
totally same condition with our original data.

1. When I try to read the raw data with mne.io.read_raw_cnt(), it must need
two variables: filename and *montage*.
So I used mne.channels.read_montage() to assign montage.
The problem is here.
In the list, there is nothing same montage with ours.
In my opinion, the most similar montage with our condition is

When I compare it with 'the montage configuration offered by neuroscan,
there are several differences. (following is Neuroscan's montage)

So the problems of reading montage make that I can't import the raw-data.

I tried to make the montage file by importing the Neuroscan montage
configuration file.
However, the configuration information is formatted by '.dat'.
and also, '.rs3' file, I've attached, contains all of the electrode names
from every electrode. so we can find 'standard_1020' and 'Neuroscan 64

(you can find this montage files at...
https://compumedicsneuroscan.com/scan-acquire-configuration-files/ )

2. one another way(I've already tried, but not achieved).
If I assign the montage from 'standard_1020' with differentiated channel
names, can I import my raw data files?
(like this way: https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-python/issues/3722)

I'm sure there's a simple and clear way to access Neuroscan montage with
If there is, could you give me some instruction to find that?
Or, there's no supported Neuroscan 64ch montage, then, how can I
draw/import from Neuroscan's configuration?

Best wishes,


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