[Mne_analysis] Using fsaverage subject and a built-in EEG montage

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Thu Sep 6 12:09:29 EDT 2018
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I'm trying to create a -trans file for the fsaverage subject with one of
the built-in EEG montages.
Follow the instructions here
I got numerous errors when running mne.gui.coregistration, including:

*ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is
ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()*

*Exception occurred in traits notification handler for object:
<mne.gui._viewer.PointObject object at 0x7fb227c451d0>, trait: scene, old
value: <mayavi.tools.mlab_scene_model.MlabSceneModel object at
0x7fb227bb3110>, new value: <mayavi.tools.mlab_scene_model.MlabSceneModel
object at 0x7fb22e4abbf0>*

In the end it produces an MNE Coreg viewer window but the window's display
is blank.

The function mne.create_default_subject() also didn't work for me, but I
manually copied the files over and set up the bem model and source space
using the command line.

Are there other steps I should take before running mne.gui.coregistration?

Thanks and Best,
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