[Mne_analysis] Using standard head

Christian Markus Brodbeck brodbeck at umd.edu
Wed Sep 19 09:23:12 EDT 2018
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Hi Vladimir,

I don’t think the initial step of transforming the average head to fit the participant is reliable enough to do completely with a script (please correct me if this is possible now).

However, once you have determined the initial transformation with the GUI (and saved the MRI) you can then use different functions that scale different components of the MRI, and they should use the relevant scaling parameter(s) from the *.config file written by the initial transformation.

For example, if after scaling you generate a new source space in fsaverage, you can then use 

>>> mne.scale_source_space(subject_to, src_name, subjects_dir=subjects_dir) 

to add the new source space to the scaled brain of subject_to. Look for the documentation of the scale_x functions under https://martinos.org/mne/dev/python_reference.html#mri-processing


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