[Mne_analysis] Time information in discontinuous EDF files

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Thu Sep 27 15:59:24 EDT 2018
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> 1) Do discontinuous (EDF+D) files contain time information at all the gaps
> to enable a specific time segment to be extracted?

I would be surprised if they did not, but don't know the format enough to

2) Related: what MNE methods do this? (I wasn’t able to find this in the
> docs; if I did, it would probably answer question #1)

In MNE we call these gaps "aquisition skips". Typically we get these with
Neuromag files. They get stored in the `raw.annotations` object, and you
see them when doing `raw.plot` and similar operations. But it's most likely
not implemented properly for EDF yet.

If you can do a short on-off type recording -- maybe 2 sec on, 2 off, 3 on,
3 off, 3 on or so? -- even without a subject capped, we could look at how
to read this file properly in MNE (please open an issue and provide a link
to such a file).

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