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Dear mne-community,

I am doing several measurements in a row on one subject preceded by the
head digitization at the beginning. The coil-position is determined at the
beginning of each measurement (Neuromag-122). If I understood correctly,
there are two transformations:

Head(Digitization) <--> MEG-Sensors
Head(Digitization) <--> Freesurfer-Model/MRI

The first is determined by the coil-measurement at the beginn of the
measurement(or in between with other equipment). The second by the
coregistration in mne. Right?
Would it be incorrect to reuse the trans-file created in mne coreg from one
measurement for all other measurements done with the same head-digitization
on the same subject?
Or is the transformation saved in mne coreg already a combination of both

Thank you
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