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Hello Eric,

allright, thank you for your response.
For my experiments, I do the digitization only once at the beginning of the
session with several measurements with a subject.
Is it advisable to digitize more often in between the measurements?

Thank you

Am Fr., 1. Feb. 2019, 18:12 hat Eric Larson <larson.eric.d at gmail.com>

>         External Email - Use Caution
> The first is determined by the coil-measurement at the beginn of the
>> measurement(or in between with other equipment). The second by the
>> coregistration in mne. Right?
> Correct.
>> Would it be incorrect to reuse the trans-file created in mne coreg from
>> one measurement for all other measurements done with the same
>> head-digitization on the same subject?
> In principle it should not change, in practice it will depend on your
> digitzation accuracy. While the MRI coordinate frame is determined by your
> one Freesurfer recon so it (of course) will not change between
> measurements, the head coordinate frame on the other hand is determined by
> the locations of LPA/Nasion/RPA that you digitized for any given
> measurement. So if you are confident that your digitization procedure
> recorded the locations of these physical landmarks identically in each
> measurement, then the trans should not change. Regardless, I would check by
> loading the subsequent recordings in mne coreg, and load the trans from the
> first recording to see how good it is. At the very least it should give you
> a very good starting point for making a new, slightly adjusted one if
> necessary.
> Eric
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