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If the data set is the same as the one in the Motor imagery decoding from EEG data using the Common Spatial Pattern (CSP): ( https://martinos.org/mne/stable/auto_examples/decoding/plot_decoding_csp_eeg.html )
Channel names in the import files are names with a “.” or “..” extension ( such as “Oz..” or “Po8.”) that’s why mne don’t find them in the montage. As in the exemple , you should add the following lines in order to correct their names:

# strip channel names of "." characters

raw.rename_channels(lambda x: x.strip('.'))

I recommend you to look at the example , I may be useful for your work



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Hi Manoj,

Did you check if channels names of your raw data ( raw.ch_names) match the names in the your montage ?
For exemple :
montage = mne.channels.read_montage("standard_1020")

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Subject: [Mne_analysis] Setting digitization points

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I want to create topomap for the dataset "EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset" (doi: 10.13026/C28G6P).  I am getting error that no digitization points are found.

So I tried to set_montage. I got error that "ValueError: None of the sensors defined in the montage were found in the info structure. Check the channel names." As per documentation, 64 electrodes as per the international 10-10 system (excluding electrodes Nz, F9, F10, FT9, FT10, A1, A2, TP9, TP10, P9, and P10) were used.

Can you please help me to create digitization points so that I can create topomaps of raw signal.

Thank you


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