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I was trying to repeat example  Visualize Evoked data, but no matter if I'm using sample data or my own I always get this error
File "C:\Anaconda3\envs\mne\lib\site-packages\matplotlib\figure.py", line 2276, in <genexpr>
    for ax in self.axes if ax.get_visible())

TypeError: get_tightbbox() got an unexpected keyword argument 'bbox_extra_artists'
 as a result of this function:
mne.viz.plot_compare_evokeds(evoked_dict, picks=pick, colors=colors,
                             linestyles=linestyles, split_legend=True)

What's the reason? Some problems with my PC?
I get the same error trying another example code with sample data - Analysing continuous features with binning and regression in sensor space. But in this case, it was produced by

for cond in names:
    res[cond].beta.plot_joint(title=cond, ts_args=dict(time_unit='s'),

Looking forward for your replay
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