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I understand that but how I can average one epoch multiple times?  As I understand from docs, there are no average methods for evoked data.
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evokeds is a list so doing:

evokeds[trial_type].average()  ## will break

epochs[trial_type].average()  ## work


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My aim is to get 100 averaged epochs of MEG data with saving information on each condition. I tried to use epochs average, but maybe my approach or my code isn't correct. My code:
evokeds = []
for trial_type in epochs.event_id:

And after that I get an error:
TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str

If I use just epochs averaging
= []
for trial_type in epochs.event_id:

Works fine.

I understand that presented examples didn't use these multiple averaging, but I need for comparing with other data which used this 100 times averaging.

Looking forward for your replay

Best regards,
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