[Mne_analysis] 4D/BTi channel names vs labels

Bear, Joshua JOSHUA.BEAR at ucdenver.edu
Tue Mar 5 16:54:41 EST 2019
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I apologize — I missed a bit of preceding code. It looks like the config versus pdf check chan_no check does remove unused config channels before making the comparison. In my subject, the channels were not in the same order. Thus, when replicating the MNE code:

        # check all pdf channels are present in config
        match = [c['chan_no'] for c in chans_cfg] == \
                [c['chan_no'] for c in chans]

I also received a FALSE. 

>>> [c['chan_no'] for c in chans_cfg] == [c['chan_no'] for c in chans]

If, however, I _sort_ the comparison, it is TRUE: 

>>> sorted([c['chan_no'] for c in chans_cfg]) == sorted([c['chan_no'] for c in chans])

I will submit a note on GitHub in case sorting can be added without causing other problems…


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