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Thu Mar 7 06:18:45 EST 2019
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Hi all,
Thanks for the acceptance!
I have 15 classes and using common spatial patterns.
I'm plotting the first common spatial pattern as attached. In case of two
classes (for example: hand movement, rest) then the spatial pattern shows
two colors red, and blue. For example red is for movement and blue is for
I understand that the common spatial pattern is one vs. all . But when I
plot in case of many classes, then which class vs. all is shown in the
topoplot here?
Can I specify which class vs. all to plot?
Below is part of the code I'musing :

csp = CSP(n_components=20,reg=None)

## compute spatial filtered spectrum
_po = []
for x in my_array:
    f,p = welch(np.dot(csp.filters_[0,:].T,x), 500, nperseg=50)
po = np.array(po)

## prepare topoplot
_,epos,_,_,_ = _prepare_topo_plot(my_raw,'eeg',None)

## plot first pattern
pattern = csp.patterns_[0,:]
pattern -= pattern.mean()
ix = np.argmax(abs(pattern))
if pattern[ix]>0:
        sign = 1.0
        sign = -1.0
fig, ax_topo = plt.subplots(1)
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