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Mon Mar 11 03:10:22 EDT 2019
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In MNE 0.17.2 or earlier, you need to use mne.io.read_raw_edf to read GDF files. Note that starting with the next MNE version 0.18, we have added mne.io.read_raw_gdf, so be sure to change your code when you update.

Which file are you trying to read? Can you share this file so I can have a look? What do you mean by saying that the signal doesn't look like EEG?


> On 11.03.2019, at 07:53, Manoj Kovvuru <manoj.kovvuru at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Dear sir
> 	• I am trying to read a gdf file using mne.io.read_raw_gdf but it am getting an error message AttributeError: module 'mne.io' has no attribute 'read_raw_gdf'. 
> 	• I have tried mne.io.read_raw_edf to read a gdf file and it worked.  When I plotted using plot() function, the plot doesn't seem like a eeg signal
> Can you please help me to read gdf file?
> Thank you
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