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Hi Vivek,

The color bar represents neuronal current density in (nA) for distributed
source localization methods. After applying a suitable threshold to the
corresponding source space data, you can able to see the experimental
effects within the brain (i.e., the magnitude of the active sources across
different time points).


On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 12:33 PM Vivek Sharma <vivek.sharma1510 at gmail.com>

>         External Email - Use Caution
> In the example given below:
> https://martinos.org/mne/stable/auto_tutorials/plot_mne_dspm_source_localization.html
> what are the value written below the plots of source localization? for
> example one of the image represents plotting of sources calculated by
> eLORETA method. Some values are written below with heat map. what are those
> values and what do they signify?
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> Vivek Sharma
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