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Thu Mar 21 13:05:37 EDT 2019
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Hi MNE experts,

I have a question about what head position information to use when building
a forward model for each run in one participant.

We have eight runs of MEG data. At the beginning, we used the head position
of the first run to build just one forward model for one participant. Then
we thought it might be more accurate to use the run-specific head position
to build forward models separately for different runs. In both analyses,
the forward models were used to calculate the inverse operators, which were
applied to the evoked response for each run. We then averaged the
activation across runs within each participant. Finally, we compared the
activation difference between two conditions at the group level.

Although the group-averaged activation looks very similar from the two
analyses, the use of run-specific head position reduced the statistical
power at the group level. Do you know why?
Is there a better way to account for the head movement within each run? We
didn't apply the MaxFilter to the data because the head movement was not
considered to be serious during the data acquisition. Is there a way to
incorporate the head movement within each run or the whole experiment
without running the MaxFilter?

Thanks a lot for your input!

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