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Fri May 3 10:35:52 EDT 2019
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Dear MNE enthusiasts,

I reach out to you with a specific question regarding the python MNE
library and hope you can assist me as my colleagues can't. I am a
neurologist interested in analyzing EEG data using the python version of
mne. Pursuant to the mne documentation I have run the following python code:


*import os.path as opimport numpy as npimport mnedata_path =
op.join(mne.datasets.sample.data_path(), 'MEG', 'sample')raw =
mne.io.read_raw_fif(op.join(data_path, 'sample_audvis_raw.fif'),
preload=True)raw.set_eeg_reference('average', projection=True)  # set EEG
average referenceraw.plot(block=True, lowpass=40)raw.plot(butterfly=True,
Doing this allowed me to visualize the EEG data as follows:
[image: grafik.png]

Is there a way to output each of the MEG channels (just the curves) as
numpy arrays? I would appreciate your help very much.

Thank you very much.

Best regards
Dr. med. Sied Kebir
Dahlhauser Str. 46
45279 Essen
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