[Mne_analysis] morph to volume source after apply_lcmv_epochs

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Mon May 13 05:38:38 EDT 2019
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Hi list,
I am creating volume source space of whole brain and then obtain stcs per
single trial using apply_lcmv_epochs, and then morphing to fsaverage.
Following is the snippet,

stcs = apply_lcmv_epochs(epochs_hilb, filters,max_ori_out='signed')
morph = mne.compute_source_morph(fwd['src'],
                                 subject_from=subj, subject_to='fsaverage',
stc_fsaverage = morph.apply(stcs)

whenever i am trying to apply the morphing [for example:
morph.apply(stcs)], the code lands up with a error:

AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'subject'

What could be the possible solution without changing the pipeline?
It will be really helpful if list can help me!

Thank You
Pooja Prabhu
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