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I am using MNE Python to do source modeling with weighted MNE and am wondering about very small units of the sources. This is something that I have found with my own data and could reproduce the issue using the sample data: https://github.com/athiede13/speech_sources/blob/master/weighted_MNE_sample.py

While I would expect source activations in the range of 30-60 nAm (for example as in dipole solution https://mne.tools/stable/auto_examples/inverse/plot_mixed_norm_inverse.html that uses the same data), what I get are values in the range of 0.3-0.6 nAm. So there seems to be a difference of 2 orders of magnitude. Do you know where this could come from? I have pondered about this for a while and cannot find the source of the difference.

Thanks for having a look and I hope that we can figure it out!

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Anja Thiede

Anja Thiede, M.Sc.
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