[Mne_analysis] Cluster-based Permutation T-test for Decoders

Maryam Zolfaghar Maryam.Zolfaghar at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 9 23:23:11 EDT 2019
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Hi all,

I am trying to

   - use decoders to decode whether ERP or time-frequency signals have
   any meaninful information of four classes (location of the target on the
   screen) in my experiment *over time *(according to this example
   -  and then test whether the output of the decoder is significantly
   above the chance (in my case: 1/4=0.25) using a permutation t-test with
   cluster-based correction.

My question is:

   - In the example
   there are only two classes, so AUC was used. However, what if there are
   more than two classes? How I can analyze the significance of the decoder's
   output with the cluster-based correction?

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