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Damian Cruse D.Cruse at bham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 23 10:29:53 EDT 2019
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Hi Vitor,

If it’s a BrainVision file then it should also have an associated .vhdr file with it. If you send that file name to mne.io.read_raw_brainvision instead of the .eeg filename then it should work?



On 23 Oct 2019, at 15:22, vitormfreis at gmail.com<mailto:vitormfreis at gmail.com> wrote:

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I first posted this on github, but I was instructed that this mailing list would be a better place for these kinds of questions.

I'm trying to import a '.eeg' file, I tried to use the BrainVision methods find here: https://mne.tools/stable/python_reference.html, however I had no success, getting the following error:
OSError: The header file must be given to read the data, not a file with extension '.EEG'.

I used the method "mne.io.read_raw_brainvision", but it's not working. Does anyone has experience importing data with the extension ".eeg"? It would be great if someone could send an example.

I attached the error message we received.


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