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>     inverse_operator = read_inverse_operator(inverse + subject +
> '-inv.fif') # each subject inv file
>     stcs_morph = mne.compute_source_morph(src,subject_to,
> subjects_dir=subjects_dir).apply(stcs)

Here the "spacing" parameter controls the destination source space. The
default is "5", which means "ico-5 source space for fsaverage", which has
20484 total vertices. If you look at `stcs_morph.vertices`, it should be a
list of two arrays, each array containing np.arange(10242) (fsaverage is
special in that its ico-5 source space consists of the first 10242 vertices
in each hemisphere).

If you want to use your ico-6 fsaverage source space (which has 8196
vertices) as the destination, you'd want to do something like:

src_fs = mne.read_source_spaces(path6 +'fsaverage-oct-6-src.fif')
morpher = mne.compute_source_morph(src, subject_to,
spacing=[src_fs[0]['vertno'], src_fs[1]['vertno']])
stcs_morph = morpher.apply(stcs)

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