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Sophie Herbst ksherbst at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 19 03:40:10 EDT 2019
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Dear FieldTrip and MNE lists,

I have a problem when trying to read a .fif file created with MNE python in
It is an AverageTFR type (time-frequency transformed data), created with
tfr_multitaper. Does Fieldtrip support reading in TFR files?

When I try to read the epochs file before running the time-frequency
transformation it works fine:

cfg = [];
cfg.dataset = my_file.fif

Trying to read the TFR file I get the error below (I tried EpochsTFR, too.
Same problem),
in fif_open, tag.kind = -1.9918e+09, but it expects 100:

Error using fiff_open (line 56)
file does not start with a file id tag
Error in fiff_read_meas_info (line 82)
    [ fid, tree ] = fiff_open(source);
Error in ft_read_header (line 1842)
    info = fiff_read_meas_info(filename);
Error in ft_preprocessing (line 397)
  hdr = ft_read_header(cfg.headerfile, 'headerformat', cfg.headerformat,...

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you,

*Dr. Sophie K. Herbst*
CEA Researcher
NeuroSpin, CEA Saclay, DRF/Joliot
Inserm Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit
Bât 145, Gif s/ Yvette F-91190 FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0)1 6908 7938
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