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Dear all,

Registration for practicalMEEG is open!
Three days dedicated to learning by doing MEG-EEG analysis at the Brain and
Spine institute (ICM) in Paris.
[image: image.png]
Information and registration here! <http://practicalmeeg2019.org/>

A few highlights:

   - Full-blown analysis, from raw data to statistics
   - Introduction to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS), the new
   standard for data organization, fostering robust, reproducible, shareable,
   machine readable processing pipelines.
   - Three parallel tracks with Brainstorm
   <https://neuroimage.usc.edu/brainstorm/>, FieldTrip
   <http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/> and MNE-Python
   <https://martinos.org/mne/stable/index.html>: you get to choose your
   favorite toolbox(es), play safe, go risky, knit, bridge, cross, any way you
   - Beginners are welcome. Advanced users will benefit from learning to
   use a new toolbox and/or weaving their pipeline across several toolbox
   - Satellite: on December 6th, also at the ICM, get the opportunity to
   learn about TimeFlux <https://timeflux.io/>, a free and open-source
   framework for the acquisition and real-time processing of biosignals.

There are only 80 seats. Be ready, be swift, be there!
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