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Thanks for your answer, yes like the purple bar or just values like in the second figure of your example (0, 25, 50) :


 <https://mne.tools/dev/auto_tutorials/raw/plot_40_visualize_raw.html#sphx-glr-auto-tutorials-raw-plot-40-visualize-raw-py> https://mne.tools/dev/auto_tutorials/raw/plot_40_visualize_raw.html#sphx-glr-auto-tutorials-raw-plot-40-visualize-raw-py 


This is very interesting and much more visible when few channels are displayed (unlike first figure)


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you mean the purple vertical scale bar in the first figure of https://mne.tools/dev/auto_tutorials/raw/plot_40_visualize_raw.html#sphx-glr-auto-tutorials-raw-plot-40-visualize-raw-py ?


but for epochs https://mne.tools/dev/auto_tutorials/epochs/plot_visualize_epochs.html#sphx-glr-auto-tutorials-epochs-plot-visualize-epochs-py ?


I don't think it's implemented for Epochs.plot yet.




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