[Mne_analysis] reduce or downsample number of vertex locations in source space

Alexandre Gramfort alexandre.gramfort at inria.fr
Mon Dec 7 08:24:46 EST 2020
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use https://secure-web.cisco.com/17Voa5zjjGnxkO9YQ-CH7bnTYDQyzIg9WcoQqr5i2aSctBiec1-GQXUJ9OTfOTzOiAK7REsnxeHjXlZpkNjNsGOsuHbBWcGuRgmFkZlBxQJ8rJR3y-JdlK4fSwtSHuzr9F6luN0aZuL7JETGQGfw3NKMVT4gdS3C5Psg1ea0BwRxLZCx2NWeioDZBm6WhIGN9R5b7HQfxbr0GIBEb0UqINVs-PmXBU6eczqK73rCUHoInMhH1Zcjr6qGd7J46v-A3pofgfz6lXQH97G0dhE8GMA/https%3A%2F%2Fmne.tools%2Fstable%2Fgenerated%2Fmne.setup_source_space.html
and set the spacing to ico4 or less


On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 4:44 PM Tijmen Wartenberg
<Tijmen_Wartenberg at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> Hi,
> I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the number of vertices in source space:
> Currently, I use this:   src = op.join(fs_dir, 'bem', 'fsaverage-ico-5-src.fif').
> This yields 20000 vertices. I would like to reduce the number of vertices, since it is a little overkill for what I want and it is too cpu heavy. Preferrably, I would like to perform the source modelling on ~5k points instead to save some computation time. Is there a supported option to do so or a trick to realize this?
> Thanks,
> Tijmen Wartenberg
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