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> On the other hand if I apply a different transformation matrix to the grad
> ( to bring everything aligned with the imported headmodel and
> sourcemodel from mne) the peak is on the frontal left. So I guess I have a
> problem with the coordinates and there is not flipping or other issue in
> the source model or beamforming method.
> Should I  bring everything to ctf coordinates in mne ? do you know why
> this happened?

MEG sensors in MNE should be in MEG device coordinates, EEG electrodes in
head coordinates, source positions in FreeSurfer surface RAS coordinates.
IIRC this differs from FieldTrip where things might live in head
coordinates, so somehow you have to make sure that your data are aligned
properly in both pieces of software when using them.

Generally the safest way to do this is to make sure all your data (raw
instance, source model, BEM, etc.) are generated by a single package --
either FieldTrip or MNE, not some from one and other parts from the other.
But you can in principle mix them, but when you do this you have to be
careful about coordinate frames.

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