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yes but in MNE everything is generated with the mne package and still I get
the source in the opposite hemisphere, so I don t get where is the error
because things seems to be aligned properly

Il giorno lun 14 dic 2020 alle ore 18:18 Eric Larson <
larson.eric.d at gmail.com> ha scritto:

>         External Email - Use Caution
> On the other hand if I apply a different transformation matrix to the grad
>> ( to bring everything aligned with the imported headmodel and
>> sourcemodel from mne) the peak is on the frontal left. So I guess I have a
>> problem with the coordinates and there is not flipping or other issue in
>> the source model or beamforming method.
>> Should I  bring everything to ctf coordinates in mne ? do you know why
>> this happened?
> MEG sensors in MNE should be in MEG device coordinates, EEG electrodes in
> head coordinates, source positions in FreeSurfer surface RAS coordinates.
> IIRC this differs from FieldTrip where things might live in head
> coordinates, so somehow you have to make sure that your data are aligned
> properly in both pieces of software when using them.
> Generally the safest way to do this is to make sure all your data (raw
> instance, source model, BEM, etc.) are generated by a single package --
> either FieldTrip or MNE, not some from one and other parts from the other.
> But you can in principle mix them, but when you do this you have to be
> careful about coordinate frames.
> Eric
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