[Mne_analysis] Inputting bad channels through raw.plot() while applying a CAR reference.

Scheltienne Mathieu mathieu.scheltienne at epfl.ch
Tue Dec 15 04:13:00 EST 2020
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Dear MNE community,

I am trying to come up with a simple way to input the bad channels in my setup. I really like the way you can simply select them in the raw.plot() interface, however, I need to apply first a CAR referencing to remove the remaining common 50 Hz noise.
The brain vision recorder I’m using uses a ‘reference free’ mode where there is no online reference to remove the common noise until you apply one.
When applying a CAR (as a projector), MNE removes the already set raw.info[‘bads’] from the average. However, when adding or removing bad channels through the plot interface, I guess the CAR projector is not updated.

I prefer using a CAR rather than a notch filter as I will be using only a CAR in the following analysis.
Is there a way to update the CAR projector as the bad channel input changes?

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