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Abdallah Qusaibe abdallah.qusaibe at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 04:04:26 EDT 2020
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Dear Phillip,

Thank you for your reply,
Is there any example in mne for this (modifying channel)? most of the
example in mne started with load fif file that I do not have,
I do not understand how to modify or build meg sensors,  can you give me a
real example please?
if I want to export the channel file from brainstorm (.pos) and is there a
way to load it in mne to use the analysis of mne tool?

Thank you

On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 at 13:45, Phillip Alday <phillip.alday at mpi.nl> wrote:

> Please keep the list in CC.
> The channels module has the tools to load and manipulate montages (both
> custom and built-in):
> https://mne.tools/stable/python_reference.html#module-mne.channels
> I would not recommend modifying the actual files for the built-in montages
> because that would change the behavior of MNE for all data, including
> examples that depend on the built-ins working as they are distributed.
> For the difference between montage and layout, see the glossary (
> https://mne.tools/stable/glossary.html), but here the relevant points:
> layout
> A Layout
> <https://mne.tools/stable/generated/mne.channels.Layout.html#mne.channels.Layout>
> gives sensor positions in 2 dimensions (defined by x, y, width, and height
> values for each sensor). It is primarily used for illustrative purposes
> (i.e., making diagrams of approximate sensor positions in top-down diagrams
> of the head, so-called topographies or topomaps).
> montage
> EEG channel names and the relative positions of the sensor w.r.t. the
> scalp. While layout are 2D locations, montages give 3D locations. A montage
> can also contain locations for HPI points, fiducial points, or extra head
> shape points. See DigMontage
> <https://mne.tools/stable/generated/mne.channels.DigMontage.html#mne.channels.DigMontage>
> for the API of the corresponding object class.
> Phillip
> On 10/7/20 1:23 pm, Abdallah Qusaibe wrote:
> Hi Phillip,
> I hope you are well,
> Yes the montage file of the sensors, do you know how can I modify it?
> for example to modify the orientation of the sensor,
> Regards
> Abdallah
> On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 at 13:17, Phillip Alday <phillip.alday at mpi.nl> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> What do you mean with channel file? The montage file with electrode
>> coordinates and names? Can you tell us more about what the end goal is /
>> why you want to modify this file?
>> Best,
>> Phillip
>> On 10/7/20 12:23 pm, Abdallah Qusaibe wrote:
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>> Dear Mne community,
>> Can you please give me a real example, how can I modify the channel file?
>> Kind regards
>> Abdallah
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