[Mne_analysis] Bug opening preprocessed data using mne with pickle

Priouret Marthe marthe.priouret at ens-lyon.fr
Mon Jun 1 09:09:10 EDT 2020
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Hi community, 

I preprocessed my EEG raw data using MNE functions and created a
dictionnary for all files containing information about related bad
epochs and bad channels. I save it as a .pkl file using a pickle
function. This "preprocessed.pkl" file was the basis for all my further
analyses and it was working well before. However, now when I try to open
it using the pickle.load :

import mne
import pyconscious as pc
import pickle
import numpy as np 

filename = 'preprocessed.pkl' 
loadfile = open(filename,'rb')
fileinfo = pickle.load(loadfile)     

I got an error message "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named
'mne._digitization'". I don't understand where this comes from and when
I preprocessed my data again all like before it is working, but I would
like to be able to open my former preprocessing file for my analyses to
go on the same basis.  

Thank you very much for your attention to my bug. I hope you can help me
figure this out ! 

Kind regards, 

Priouret Marthe
ENS de Lyon
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