[Mne_analysis] Problem : transparent brain with plot_alignment.

Jacques Pesnot jacques.pesnot at hotmail.fr
Fri Jun 12 11:47:43 EDT 2020
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Thanks a lot Guillaume for your (super quick !) answer !

I tried what you have suggested but did not manage to solve the problem ... So I spent the last 4 hours -_-' trying different things and found that the problem was coming from Ubuntu driver. So for the record, I installed the NVIDIA driver and disabled the "nouveau" default driver as indicated here : https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux


For info, my "mne.sys_info()" was :

Platform:      Linux-5.3.0-53-generic-x86_64-with-debian-buster-sid
Python:        3.7.6 (default, Jan  8 2020, 19:59:22)  [GCC 7.3.0]
Executable:    /home/jacques/anaconda3/bin/python
CPU:           x86_64: 16 cores
Memory:        31.3 GB

mne:           0.20.0
numpy:         1.18.5 {blas=openblas, lapack=openblas}
scipy:         1.4.1
matplotlib:    3.1.3 {backend=module://ipykernel.pylab.backend_inline}

sklearn:       0.22.1
numba:         0.48.0
nibabel:       3.1.0
cupy:          Not found
pandas:        1.0.1
dipy:          Not found
mayavi:        4.7.1 {qt_api=pyqt5, PyQt5=5.15.0}
pyvista:       0.25.3
vtk:           8.1.2

Have a nice weekend !

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Objet : Re: [Mne_analysis] Problem : transparent brain with plot_alignment.

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Hello Jacques,

Do you mind sharing the full report?

python -c "import mne; mne.sys_info()"

We expect more information especially PyQt5, VTK and PyVista.

Personally, I think that this kind of transparency issue is not unknown with mayavi
and the origin can range from an incompatibility issue with intel integrated graphic
cards, the gpu driver version or the behaviour of vtk around opacity in general.

The easiest way i know to fix this for mayavi is to enable depth peeling:


But this comes at the price of slightly heavier rendering operations.

Another option is to change the 3d backend to pyvista before the plot:


Hopefully this helps,


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Objet: [Mne_analysis] Problem : transparent brain with plot_alignment.

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Hi MNE team !

I have a problem with "mne.viz.plot_alignment". The function plots a transparent brain, and I don't manage to change the transparency level. The weird thing is that I don't reproduce the ECOG figure from the MNE website.
--> I used the script available on the website here : https://mne.tools/dev/auto_examples/visualization/plot_3d_to_2d.html#sphx-glr-auto-examples-visualization-plot-3d-to-2d-py
--> This is what I get :


For info :
My system is Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
MNE is 0.20.0
mayavi is 4.7.1
matplotlib is 3.1.3

Thanks a lot !

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