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You probably want to:

1. Use mri_vol2surf from FreeSurfer
2. Read that output with a suitable nibabel function
3. Decide which surface vertices to use (e.g., by thresholding the NumPy
arrays), and
4. Create a mne.Label <https://mne.tools/dev/generated/mne.Label.html> from


‪On Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 5:47 AM ‫נועה הכהן‬‎ <noa1hc at gmail.com> wrote:‬

>         External Email - Use Caution
> Hello all,
> I have nifti files with fmri localizer results. I want to use them to
> define ROI for source analysis. How can I read these files to MNE, and
> convert them from volume to surface?
> thanks in advance,
> Noa
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