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Rodriguez Ruiz, Andres andres.rodriguez at emory.edu
Tue Sep 29 16:11:06 EDT 2020
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Dear all:

I am getting a raw object from a peryst EEG data. I am trying to take the raw data and save like this;

with h5py.File("C:\\Users\\Andres\\Desktop\\h5_data.h5", 'w') as hdf:
    hdf.create_dataset('Data1', data=raw)

But when I try to save it it gives me this error

~\anaconda3\envs\mne\lib\site-packages\mne\io\pick.py in _picks_to_idx(info, picks, none, exclude, allow_empty, with_ref_meg, return_kind)
   1030                          % (-n_chan, orig_picks))
   1031     if (picks >= n_chan).any():
-> 1032         raise ValueError('All picks must be < n_channels (%d), got %r'
   1033                          % (n_chan, orig_picks))
   1034     picks %= n_chan  # ensure positive

ValueError: All picks must be < n_channels (129), got 129

Any help ?

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