[Mne_analysis] Computing and re-using EOG projectors

Scheltienne Mathieu mathieu.scheltienne at epfl.ch
Wed Feb 3 02:56:59 EST 2021
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Hello MNE community,

I am computing EOG projectors with mne.preprocessing.compute_proj_eog(). Prior to this, the preprocessing includes:

  *   Removing bad channels, applying CAR ref
  *   BP filter [1, 100] Hz
  *   Powerline noise notch filter on EOG channel (EEG channel doesn’t have powerline noise thanks to the CAR)

After I get the projectors, I save them to disk.
To re-use those projectors on another recording, performed a few minutes later after the first one on the same participant, do I need the EOG channel? i.e. do I need to preprocess the EOG channel before applying the loaded projectors?
My understanding is that I do not need the EOG channel anymore, could you confirm this?

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