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Bruno Mansur brunommansur at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 19:05:14 EST 2021
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Dear MNE list members,

I have a script that generates several plots and it slows down the code
execution speed:

for ch in evoked_OGT.ch_names:
    fig = epochs_OGT.plot_image(picks=ch, title=ch+' '+'OGT', show=False)
    plt.savefig('/home//Evoked_OGT_%s.png'%(ch), show=False)

Although I set 'show=false', the function 'plot_image' keeps opening new
windows with figure plots. The output is not showing up in the console, but
really opening new windows that I have to be closed every time I run the

I'm using QT5 as a graphics backend option.

Is there a way to stop mne functions from opening new windows?

I would appreciate any help,

Best regards,

Bruno Mansur
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