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Hi Marijn,
Yes, I've used it earlier quite often. The original workflow utilizes *Seglab
for MRI segmentation and meshes preparation *and *Xfit for the actual BEM
preparation (Menu > Estimates > Prepare a new BEM model)*. The native
workflow is a bit of time taking because of the manual segmentation in
Seglab. But there are several ways to bypass this issue, e.g, using the
freesurfer segmented brain in Seglab, etc.
We can also bypass the whole BEM preparation process by using MNE prepared
BEM, importantly remember to chose the file name ending with '*-bem-sol.fif'
*while writing the BEM solution to */neuro/database/bem/ * directory, as

*model = mne.make_bem_model(subject=subject, subjects_dir=sub_dir,
conductivity=[0.3])bem = mne.make_bem_solution(model)*


*For using it,* change the conductor model from Sphere to BEM and select
the written file from /neuro/database/bem/.

The below is showing an example, where I've used the single layer BEM
prepared in MNE-Python. You can also use a 3-layered similarly if needed.

[image: image.png]


On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 8:40 PM Marijn van Vliet <w.m.vanvliet at gmail.com>

>         External Email - Use Caution
> Hi MNE users,
> did any of you ever manage to use a BEM model with Xfit for dipole
> fitting? I
> only ever used the default sphere model. If one of you knows how to do it,
> can
> you show me?
> best,
> Marijn.
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*Thanks & Regards......*
*Amit Jaiswal*
*@ **MEGIN, Helsinki (Finland)*
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