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Dear MNEers,

Here at Aarhus University in Denmark, we're looking for an engineer/scientist to manage our electrophysiology (MEG, EEG, and TMS) labs. Please see below for details!

All the best,

Hope everyone is well. We are looking for a scientist/engineer for the MEG/EEG/TMS facility at the Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN), Aarhus University. This is a permanent full-time post. Please, see below and forward to any interested parties. Thank you!




The Department of Clinical Medicine - Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) at Faculty of Health, Aarhus University (AU), Denmark, invites applications for a position of MEG/EEG/TMS research scientist/ laboratory engineer to start on April 1st 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. The position is a permanent full-time position.

CFIN is multidisciplinary international research center with a state-of-the-art neuroimaging infrastructure. The facility is equipped with a MEGIN (former Elekta Neuromag) Triux 306-channel MEG system (with 124 EEG channels), a range of EEG systems, a navigated TMS as well as an experimental OPM MEG (under development). Computer-controlled visual, auditory, and somatosensory stimulation as well as behavioural response monitoring and eye-tracking systems are available. The MEG system is used for advanced diagnostics 20% of the time. Our infrastructure also includes research-dedicated 3T MR scanners (e.g., for structural imaging for MEG/EEG analyses and TMS navigation), a data storage database and a centralised computing cluster.

The Department of Clinical Medicine is the largest health science research department in Denmark. Our clinical research covers all the medical specialties and takes place in close collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital  and regional hospitals in Central Denmark Region. We have approx. 30,000 square metres of modern research facilities for experimental surgery and medicine, animal facilities, and advanced scanners at our disposal. The department has overall responsibility for AU Master’s degree programs in medicine and in molecular medicine. At the department, we are approx. 425 academic employees and the same number of PhD students cooperating across disciplines. As a research scientist/engineer, you will be physically located at Aarhus University Hospital, where most of our labs are located. You can read more about the department here<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1NOBbAGpUpRiXuj9ljj_iH1plMXJS2AikGbfQ4onZEYlJpqLrr3SBRLDT8rBiECdqQZvBO5NlZ3__QgQ9efiBeARK0mgUURnfA1rs8UkrCuUWedpu9ahdD_6R6DMU9we7C8V3adaPhjK658awqAr6YH4AS0mJ6JXqPveMIrmsVyw63i4gtS7eT3n67ZURANF_Pw7-JIAMKo94GwAc3VUPlI3sSqegeCHC45y_hOjAGeJx5pqZObMyPPhjRe9bdrj911D_SXWN4qeFqiJm7KT-xPDPxho67khEO8p6ykCn-GCnVQkGt_FKMW3e-Yi8gdGvQmreFcpmKgPwKCLXtfdhJg/https%3A%2F%2Fclin.au.dk%2Fen%2F> and about the faculty here<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1cvFW_vtgVdCwuCD6MytOqTIAxQB8hPU9lh8k0X4FytgARctt2IggYWTAN5HL24uNwotxqiSoQhF1249hJ7pxUN2i9MWT4w61OI2w1aH5jIlOPjm8X1QxNIAwT12ZuhOLIZxEkOEKTHhzXbqd_I4RIGZZOWheuiBTHr9KcfEKtzhyNdwh1A0Chli_mJbhQAzaOzEGoIEkQlowLVD2pU-mwmfaBQmhPKrXJi5sZ9EcLitp41fPBe01BtMM7w12FCbmv_Ip8Y9nM2H5fYWt_fKnHynmJlpnt6x1cpZvRCylpFTQEY2R-_BAC5dpHFyGxcjKX9ekti-z5W98eqlN2jTtrQ/https%3A%2F%2Fhealth.au.dk%2Fen%2F>.

Your job responsibilities

CFIN brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds and the position therefore requires a broad range of skills and a flexible mind-set. The tasks and responsibilities range from offering support with data acquisition and analysis, over research laboratory administration and coordinating with multiple lab users, to contacts with vendors and suppliers, etc. The vibrant and multidisciplinary environment at CFIN offers strong motivation for a person who thrives in a position that is ever changing, according to the developments in the field and the requirements of the research projects underway. The ability to work independently while remaining a team player, dedicated to the success of CFIN as a whole, is thus critical for the successful candidate.

Your main job duties will be:

  *   Coordinating and implementing system use and maintenance, including data acquisition and analysis server management.
  *   Calibrating and troubleshooting the existing setup (MEG/EEG/TMS and peripheral equipment).
  *   Planning and implementing extensions and additions to the existing infrastructure.
  *   Overseeing basic research and clinical workflow, in collaboration with various groups and departments.
  *   Development and quality control of research projects and workflows for their analysis.
  *   Coordinating safety and quality control procedures at the facility.
  *   Support of neurophysiological and neurocognitive research at the Center with focus on using MEG/EEG to define spatio-temporal dynamics of the neural activity underlying human brain function
  *   Engaging in cognitive neuroscience research with a major focus on MEG and EEG, including development and deployment of analysis methods and tools for the benefit of research at the Center.
  *   Delivering training in high-quality data acquisition, optimisation of study design, data-analysis strategies and methods (incl. courses and workshops on the use of software packages for MEG/EEG analysis).

You will report to head of MEG facility Professor Yury Shtyrov

Your competences

You have a Master or PhD-level degree in neuroscience, biomedical engineering, physics, or equivalent and research experience using at least one of the methodologies (MEG, EEG, or TMS). We expect you to have excellent written and oral English communication skills. You are structured and able to prioritise your duties. As a person, you have good interpersonal skills and ability to contribute to a good work environment.

The following will be considered an advantage:

  *   In-depth theoretical knowledge of the technology underlying MEG/EEG/TMS, and the biophysics governing the measurement of brain-generated electromagnetic fields and electric currents.

  *   Hands-on experience in managing and using high-tech research instruments and interacting with clinical and scientific users thereof.

  *   Ability and interest to participate in the ongoing OPM MEG development.
  *   Fluency in one or several programming languages relevant in scientific computing (e.g., C, Python, Matlab) and experience in Unix/Linux system administration.

Questions about the position

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Head of MEG facility Yury Shtyrov yury.shtyrov at cfin.au.dk<mailto:yury.shtyrov at cfin.au.dk>.

Your place of work will be at CFIN Palle Juul-Jensen Boulevard 99, Entrance J, DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark.

We expect to conduct interviews on March 16th-18th 2022.

Terms of employment

Terms of employment and pay are regulated in accordance with the collective agreement.


Your application must include the following:

  *   Motivated application
  *   Curriculum Vitae
  *   Indication of education (a copy of the diplomas should be uploaded)
  *   References/recommendations can be uploaded separately in the recruitment system

We refer to the faculty’s Guideline for applicants<https://secure-web.cisco.com/15d0ML4d3KeYMA0vTTdlxokYpNASBgNst8OkZMpstbaCdSvNT3AHnpkXDOdGtGH04TViYyzB5M9BRTRCAKst2zBzF_QpKpHgoS-vEuRruscB_exuzJPiB0W33zEI5U5J0buCDv0cZwZHHIZlpQmVtZPoMdsRFTvvWEMOOfjcxlYlYEjkbgEjIzct3zWX6nSzC1owNPo6oCilRN9284GkdDJScQ-tRMcgWJ7mvOGn9TdslwuTgN1a6e-GXxv3gXjJ_jGqKCpi_zWMMKV5H1Ljj1y_YJ-tgdiTLE7XrM7XZ7O5dGuCk5yLHHypm0yr42fL55c8jm6W3Qy0XqNb-PBFMMQ/https%3A%2F%2Fhealth.au.dk%2Fen%2Fabout-health%2Fvacant-positions%2Frecruitment-procedures-at-health%2FGuidelines_for_applicants_-_technical_administrative_positions>.

Aarhus University’s ambition is to be an attractive and inspiring workplace for all and to foster a culture in which each individual has opportunities to thrive, achieve and develop. We view equality and diversity as assets, and we welcome all applicants.

The application must be submitted via Aarhus University’s recruitment system, which can be accessed under the job advertisement on Aarhus University's website.

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