[Mne_analysis] Importing BDIP to mne_analyze

Matsuhashi, Masao (KUHP) matuhasi at kuhp.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Dec 18 02:36:36 EST 2007
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Dear developers and users,

I am started to use the MNE suite and am very pleased to see the nice
pictures it shows.  There is a question: the manual says you can drag and
drop dipoles from xfit on dipole lists dialog (mne_analyze) and show it on
the surface.  However, in our institute we have xfit HPUX version only.  Is
there any way to import the *.bdip data into mne_analyze?  I tried to drag
it from file browser but that didn't work...

Thanks in advance,

Human Brain Research Center
Kyoto University

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