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Matti Hamalainen msh at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
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Dear Masao,

On Dec 18, 2007, at 2:36 AM, Matsuhashi, Masao ((KUHP)) wrote:

> Dear developers and users,
> I am started to use the MNE suite and am very pleased to see the nice
> pictures it shows.  There is a question: the manual says you can  
> drag and
> drop dipoles from xfit on dipole lists dialog (mne_analyze) and  
> show it on
> the surface.  However, in our institute we have xfit HPUX version  
> only.  Is
> there any way to import the *.bdip data into mne_analyze?  I tried  
> to drag
> it from file browser but that didn't work...

The bdip files cannot be imported but if you can login remotely to  
the HP workstation with the Neuromag software and redirect the X  
display to your LINUX or Mac computer where you run MNE you can do  
the drag and drop between xfit and mne_analyze.

I hope this helps



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