[Mne_analysis] Changing EEG electrodes coordinates

Andres Felipe Salazar Gomez asalazar at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 22 11:31:31 EDT 2010
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Hello MNE users,

Has anyone changed the EEG electrodes locations in MNE (analyze or
browse_raw)? I found that two of my EEG electrodes are way off when I plot
them in matlab and wanted to know how I can solve this since the forward
model is affected by the electrode's locations.

I can make the changes in matlab when loading the files using the mne
toolbox but I want is to have the mne raw files with the correct
coordinates since all the other files will use them.

Any help is extremely appreciated!!


Andres F. Salazar
Research Technologist
Neuroscience Statistics Research Laboratory
asalazar at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
149 13th Street, Room 4005
Charlestown, MA  02129

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