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Elisabeth Fonteneau Elisabeth.Fonteneau at mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 10 15:26:40 EST 2011
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Hello MNE users
Some time ago I asked questions about phase-locking value analysis with MNE, and this e-mail is also related to that topic.
For the proposed single-trial procedures, the labels used need to be in subject-specific cortical space, so each label needs to be morphed onto the subjects own cortex (mne_morph_labels).
This worked well when I need to export an average waveform from my label.
Now my problem is when I want to export each vertices from a specific label.
Because the label is on subject-specific cortical space, I do not have the same number of vertices extracted for the label of interest for each subject.
To create a group average I need to find a way to have this data transform into an average-brain but so far, I am failing to find the solution in the manual. The only brain morph option that is explained in the manual is about evoked data (mne_make_movie) and not raw or epochs data.
I will be grateful to hear about any solution to resolve this.
Thanks in advance for your help


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