[Mne_analysis] Event file old vs. new format

Linda Moya lhmoya at cmu.edu
Wed Sep 28 12:05:37 EDT 2011
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In using mne_process_raw to epoch and average across trials in a given
condition (output is a *.fif file for the given condition), the log output
states that my event file is in the the old format. So it says it is
taking into account the offset.

First, how exactly does it take into account the offset? In other words
how does the sample start time ultimately used to index the raw fif file
differ from the sample start time specified in the event file?

Second, how does the new format differ from the old format? The format I
am using is:
<sample>  <time>  <from> <to>

where <sample> is a number, <time> turns out to always be sample/1000
<from> is 0 and <to> is the specific condition number.

I am creating my own event files, so that I can cut the data many
different ways not necessarily specified by the triggers in the raw fif
file, and want to make sure that the format is accurate.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Linda Moya

Linda Moya, Ph.D.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Carnegie Mellon University

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