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Fri Apr 8 11:27:27 EDT 2016
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Hello, I am really confused here. There are multiple ways to read the
events of a fif file and everyway I go it leads to different results. Could
someone shed light onto what is happening here?

So I have a file called DataFile_raw.fif

If I do the following:

r = mne.io.Raw('DataFile_raw.fif')
eve  = mne.find_events(r, stim_channel='STI101')

Then eve is something like:

However, if I just use the mne_processes_raw to make an eve file with the
following command:

mne_process_raw --raw DataFile_raw.fif --digtrig STI101 --eventsout

Then DataFile_raw.eve looks like:

Basically it looks like the larger numbers are removed.

What is happening here?


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