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Fri Apr 15 11:52:22 EDT 2016
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Dear mne expert,

I am currently transferring sqd files to fiff files using command
mne_kit2fiff, while I got the following errors.

''Writing raw dataTotal number of samples is not an even multiple of the
number of channels.


Do you have any idea why this error occurred? My detailed command is as

''mne_kit2fiff --elp R2197_03.25.15.elp --hpi R2197-coregis.txt --sns
R2197-channel.txt --raw R2197-coregis.txt --aligntol 15 --stim 163
--stimthresh .002 --sfreq 1000 --hsp R2197_03.25.15.hsp --out

Thank you ahead for your time and answer!


Peng Zan
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