[Mne_analysis] ds0017 anatomical pipeline

Casanova,Joaquin Jesus jcasa at ufl.edu
Wed Dec 7 13:36:56 EST 2016
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Hi all, I'm having trouble with the anatomical pipeline here:


When running mne.bem.convert_flash_mris, I get the following error:

---- Creating the parameter maps ----
Running subprocess: mri_ms_fitparms mef05_6.mgz parameter_maps
reading mef05_6.mgz...TE = 15.65, TR = 20.00, flip angle = 5.00
MRIfree: null pointer

which causes subsequent steps to fail.

All the other steps in that example pipeline work well. Any tips? I've checked my environmental variables related to freesurfer and mne, as well as folder permissions, and I think everything is as it should be.
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