[Mne_analysis] trouble reading the triggers in a .BDF file

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Sat Jun 4 17:07:02 EDT 2016
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I have data from  a study in which  Eprime was used  to send triggers
(integer numbers from 0-32) to the eeg system.
When I load the data using 'mne.io.read_raw_edf' and I try to load the the
trigger info  'mne.find_events(mydata)' I see only 5 digit numbers  such as
65303, and even when I count the number of triggers of each type it does
not match what is expected.
I also tried to convert these numbers to 2 high and low byte numbers but
again the actual numbers and the amount do not match what is expected. I
have no idea what the problem is but I am sure the trigger info is well
contained in the  .bdf file, as a colleague of mine analysed this data for
a different research  purpose using Brain Vision Analyser. I am quite keen
on learning mne-python so any advise on how to load this trigger info would
be much appreciated.
In case it is useful a sample of the data can be downloaded here


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