[Mne_analysis] need help to plot EEG topomaps with mne

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Sat Jun 18 14:56:50 EDT 2016
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I'm new to mne, and would like to compute some topographic voltage maps
from my EEG grand-averaged data.

I have two specific questions:
(i) The plot_topomap function plots 2D maps. Is there a way to plot 3D
(ii) My data_ is a 19 (electrodes) x 300 (datapoints) numpy array. Sampling
rate was 250 Hz, and the 300 datapoints correspond to a -200 1000 ms epoch
(0 being the stimulus-locking event).
-Is there a simple way to plot topographies at say, 300 ms after stimulus
onset, or topographies over the average of a given time window (300-500ms
after stimulus onset)?
-I need to provide the (x,y) coordinates for each EEG channel. My channels
electrodes =
These electrodes are standard international 10/20 System sites, except OL
(halfway between 01 and T5) and OL (halfway between 02 and T6). Given these
locations, which coordinate array should I provide to the plot_topomap
function ?

Thanks for your help!
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