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Mon Jun 20 03:00:16 EDT 2016
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Hi Mathieu,
currently there is no way to project to 3d.

For the second point you could use a montage when reading the data. The
readers for EEG data have a montage parameter that you could use to set the
channel locations (see for example
In your case, since you have some custom locations, one option would be to
manually add entries for 'OL' and 'OR' to the standard_1020.elc file, if
you know their locations.


On 18 June 2016 at 20:56, Servant Mathieu <servant.mathieu at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm new to mne, and would like to compute some topographic voltage maps
> from my EEG grand-averaged data.
> I have two specific questions:
> (i) The plot_topomap function plots 2D maps. Is there a way to plot 3D
> maps?
> (ii) My data_ is a 19 (electrodes) x 300 (datapoints) numpy array.
> Sampling rate was 250 Hz, and the 300 datapoints correspond to a -200 1000
> ms epoch (0 being the stimulus-locking event).
> -Is there a simple way to plot topographies at say, 300 ms after stimulus
> onset, or topographies over the average of a given time window (300-500ms
> after stimulus onset)?
> -I need to provide the (x,y) coordinates for each EEG channel. My channels
> are:
> electrodes =
> ['F3','F4','C3','C4','P3','P4','PO3','PO4','O1','O2','OL','OR','T3','T4','T5','T6','Fz','Cz','Pz']
> These electrodes are standard international 10/20 System sites, except OL
> (halfway between 01 and T5) and OL (halfway between 02 and T6). Given these
> locations, which coordinate array should I provide to the plot_topomap
> function ?
> Thanks for your help!
> Mathieu
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