[Mne_analysis] remove heat beats artifacts using SSP

Alexandre Gramfort alexandre.gramfort at telecom-paristech.fr
Wed Nov 16 02:46:23 EST 2016
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hi Lin,

> I would like to use SSP to remove heart beats artifacts. After calculating
> the projections separately for different runs within one subject, I tried to
> epoch the data and then combine the epochs from different runs based on
> their conditions. Then I got an error message showing that I have to use the
> same projections when combining them together.
> My first question is: how can I calculate the ERFs of each subject with all
> the runs combined?


> I'd also like to remove the epochs that are contaminated by eye blinks.

use reject parameter in Epochs

> Then
> the second question is: Should I do the SSP first or should I remove the EOG
> artifacts first?

remove the EOG artifacts first.


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