[Mne_analysis] sharing EEG/ERP data on platform that supports MNE

Brian Roach brian.roach at ncire.org
Wed Nov 15 18:41:51 EST 2017
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Hi All,

We are trying a small scale EEG data sharing experiment by posting one 
of our schizophrenia ERP study data sets on kaggle:

The idea is in part to see what novel analysis approaches users might 
post online (both patient vs control and task condition classification 
might be of interest), and part to make analyses transparent (which 
hopefully makes them easier to reproduce!).  I know there are EEG 
specific platforms for sharing, but this is on a small scale (<=500MB 
could be shared on kaggle when I posted this, but they just upgraded 
that to 10GB).  The kaggle platform also supports MNE python in jupyter 
notebooks, so it may be of general interest to this group.  I'm 
interested in any feedback you might have about this kind of approach 
relative to other data sharing options for this type of data.


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